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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Quart Into a Pint Pot

Hi again.
still at the Gliding Club I thought about how these unwealdly things are packed away and transported about the countryside. Not knowing a lot about this glider other than it won the world championship in 1965 and I think it is operated by a chap from Poland

Wheel is to aid its immovability on the ground.

Off with the tail.
Unbolt the wings
Pack away by using slings on pulleys to slide then home.
Next the fuselage, note the strap by the wing joints to also guide it in
Little push home.
Lower the tail and that's it, easy yes.
Thanks for looking, Mike


  1. Now we all know that was interesting

  2. I'm sure I have seen this contraption traveling along the motorways!
    Eileen xx