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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Medway River Festival #2

Hi folks,
As I said a bit of action on the river with these chaps.

That's it, lets slow it down a bit.

Back on the green and chasing this little chap with a blow up hammer for fun.

The Mayor arrived in style, be it a bit late.

Another delight was the tug Kent from the Dockside Marina.

Followed by its partner.

Interrupting the proceedings was Scot Isles on her way down river.

Now this is a bit proactive editing as the air sea rescue helicopter was called away on an operation
which dampened the proceedings. Sue was already agreed to pick me up so I left before the fire-boat demonstration on the river. I knew at home I had some of last years so hear they are.
Note boats with flags have mysteriously appeared on the river.

Up she goes.

The Svitzer Fire Tug in all its glory.
Thanks for looking, all the best Mike


  1. Busy day, everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves. Mrs Egg.

  2. Great blog post Mike..really enjoyed this one and the pictures of that fire tug, from last year, are smashing shots!!
    Eileen xx