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Monday, 11 July 2016

Medway River Festival

Hi folks,
whilst Sue was in Allhallows I spent the day at the river watching the attractions.

I liked the fish theme as you can see they are cable tied along the railings which was a nice touch.

Long legged pirate out ready to do his worst.

Lots of things for the children which was nice to see.

Hands on with this Lobster note his claws banded to stop him nipping the nippers.

Entertaining the children on the green, he had a following.

....and outside the pub.

Newfoundland area was a hit with loads of petting and dribbling going on.

Taken from Chatham riverside across the river with my long lens with the Castle behind the Cathedral in Rochester.

Bit more action in the next blog,  Regards Mike


  1. Lovely pictures, shame about it being so windy and things being cancelled but I see you made the most of what did go ahead. Was lovely to meet Sue at Allhallows x

  2. Sorry to hear that it there were lots of activities cancelled, but lots for the children to see and do, Nice Lobster, some one had a nice lunch. Mrs Egg

  3. Great shot with the long Lens!... pleased you had a super time whilst we were delighted to welcome Sue to Allhallows... good to see her..
    E xxxx