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Saturday, 23 July 2016

The Big Cat Sanctuary

Hi folks,
sorry for not being around but the computer suffered fro a bout of overheating. Hopefully all will now be ok.
Yesterday Sue treated me to a trip to the Sanctuary for my birthday, you all know the age so I shall say no more. Enjoyed the day although it was a bit hot and the animals headed understandably for the shade. Hope you enjoy the shots I got.

Thanks for looking, Mike


  1. Hi birthday boy, lovely present from Sue, didn't know that there were white lions, and the cheetah looks surprised at having it photo taken. It must have felt like home to the animals with the heat. Mrs Egg.

    1. Yes very enjoyable day but very tiring, glad you likes them.

  2. Nice photos and a lovely present from Sue. Its one of those places I used to take coach loads of people to and always said I would go there myself after the clients said it was a lovely day out.

  3. Beautiful photos. Glad you enjoyed your birthday treat.

  4. Beautiful , beautiful pictures of such wonderful creatures... such a pity they could not live their lives in the wild but the sanctuary is a marvelous place.... Eileen xx