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Monday, 25 July 2016

Kent Gliding Club

Hi folks,
last weekend Sue and I went to stay for the weekend at this club in Charring. What a wonderful experience it was as we parked in the van just next to the runway and watched the gliders being pulled into the air.

If you look very closed you can just make out the tether being released by the pilot and the glider at a  rather precarious angle.

Then once released it straightened up and rose under its own stream trying to find some thermals to give it more lift. If unsuccessful it made a loop around the field and landed behind us ready for another attempt.

The glider was towed into the air but this contraption positioned at the end of the runway, see the drum which wound the cable to pull the glider off the ground.

A two man glider getting ready to take off, due to the extra weight other means of towing were used.

Like this machine.

Note the tow line and the rear wheel lifting off the grass.

The launch angle was straighter using the plane, see the line is still attached.

Just a quick insight into the launch process, more to follow with on the ground activities.
Thanks for looking, Mike 


  1. Replies
    1. No unfortunately, £90 I didn't have at the time.

  2. expensive hobby nice report as usual Michael

  3. You should have gone up in it

  4. Ooo interesting post. I would love to try that! Eileen xx