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Friday, 29 July 2016

Shiver me Timbers

Hi again.
Had a trip to the Chatham Dockyard with my friend Robert and after a few years I was amazed how the place had been transformed. What was amazing was to see the timbers from HMS Namur which was built in 1756 and was broken up in 1834 and was used to prop up the wheelwrights workshop floor.

 Device used to secure standing rigging on show in the Museum.
Pair of sand timers made of wood glass and twine.
Admiral Sit James Alexander Gordon uniform the officer who laid the timber to rest when he took over command of the dockyard. His uniform now stands guard over the timbers.
His Ceremonial sword next to the Tunic
The timbers under the floor, it also transpired that Jane Austen's brother Charles captained the HMS Namur
Rusty nail laying on the floor.

 You can see the new floor above.

Some of the many timbers placed under the floor to support it and laid there till 1995 when the floor gave way relieving the timbers from the Namur which had a round bow. The ship name was not discovered until 2012. A lottery grant restored the floor and preserved the timbers all 167 of them.
If you haven't been to the dockyard at Chatham, it's well worth a visit. Mike


  1. Hi Michael, looks interesting, might have a visit soon. Mrs Egg.

  2. Loved this blog post Mike... fascinating stuff!! Learn a lot with you xxx