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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Man Overboard!

Hi folks.
weekend trip to Queenbouough in Kent to check out a campsite, whilst there we took a stroll along the seafront and noticed a operation by the RNLI and decided to investigate.

These three were putting on a demonstration in an open day, I was on a pontoon off the beach.

Reenactment with a body in the water.

Off to the rescue at high speed, now lets see how observant you all are.

Rescued and dragged back on board.

and safely back to dry land.

Bringing up the rear was the lifeboat returning to the event after being called out on a rescue mission to recover a yacht which was safely moored up behind after being towed back.

All the best, Mike


  1. Micheal It's the amount of people in the dingy Lol

  2. Lucky we have these people, Mrs Egg.

  3. We parked there for a while when down last year, an area rarely visited by me even in my work. Was surprised. Abbot labs was the nearest to that point where i went, but had not realised what was round the corner.

  4. Cheers Ken, it was an enjoyable day.

  5. Bet that was exciting! ... Loved this post
    E xx