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Friday, 8 July 2016

Queenborough Campsite

Hi again folks,
whilst in Queenbouough we visited this quaint campsite overlooking the town.

Leobay takes five units at a time and was immaculate with all the amenities you could ask for.

Including a workshop to repair vans whilst on site

one of the many garden ornaments.

The views across the water looking towards Grain.

Grain Power Station across the estuary.

Finally, this one caught my eye, thanks for looking Mike.


  1. Love the decorated shed.and the gardens look lovely and well kept. Mrs Egg.

  2. Thanks Margaret, apparently the owners son died at a young age and to cheer him up the garage was decorated that way. That's what I was told by the chap running the business whist the owner was on holiday.

  3. This is a lovely find on the island. Very nice. Surprising what we miss right under our noses at times. Makes me want to take up caravanning again. But , It needs two to agree. .

  4. What a fabby campsite ... love the shed! ... Not so keen on the power station shot ! lol