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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Ebay came up trumps

Hi Followers, 

Well another sunny day here in Florida, first news on our lost Ernie, we, that is Tony found another one on Ebay.  Good ol Tony came up trumps and ordered Ernie to arrive at home after our return.

Well what happened today, visited Marathon Aviation Museum, which is manned by volunteers, took some pictures of the hotel, had a swim and a nice Dinner whilst watching the sun setting, that was it really.

A hard day, no a lovely rest for all of us, I think we enjoyed it after 2 weeks of being on the go.

Front of Hotel, only 6 months old.

Front Lobby

Then off for a swim, note the sea by the pool.



We watched the sunset whilst dining

Potato skins loaded with seafood and cheese.

Then across the road, we actually walked across the road to our hotel, see you tomorrow in Key Largo.

Bye for now


  1. I like the potato skins, I will have to try that

  2. Huh! an eBay Ernie.... not the same but well done Tone! Ooooo Nice place.... good grub too!

  3. @ Trev,yer there very scrummy.

    @ Eileen, I know it's not the same but they are extinct so beggars cant be choosers. I well get her another bear on out travels to take home.
    So hatch this space.

  4. @ Eileen, I mean, So watch this space.