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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Ruby Tuesday

Hi peeps,

Well Monday came and went with not much apart from work going on.

Today was a different story, we had Daisy who we had not seen for 5 weeks due to the trip to America. With the Glorious weather we decided to go to the new playground at Luton Rec and had a lovely time with her on the swings and slides etc.
She has grown in those weeks and we noticed a difference in her but still as gorgeous as ever.

Short and sweet tonight as Henry wants to go to bed. Nit nite XX


  1. She has filled out since I last saw her, lovely smile

  2. Thanks Trev. Took a load to get this one but it's worth it.

  3. She is a little darling Mike.... Phew this holiday lark sure wears you out..... just caught up with all of your adventures ...TFS Mike... it has been great following you and the gang around. Super pictures and a happy ending! A new Ernie ( I am sure the old one is 'livin it up somewhere cool!) and handsome Henry ! Looking forward to your next 'jaunt'!

    E x

  4. Thanks for the comment Eileen, and yes holidays sure wear you out but at the end of the day it was worth it. I think we will use Henry for the jaunts this summer and leave Ernie safe and sound at home on the bed, after all he is 11 yrs old but looks like new. Sue says he has been away for a make over, bless.

    M X