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Thursday, 12 May 2011

A morning at the Lake Wales Museum

Hello everyone,

Last night after I went to bed Mike and Tony ventured out to use Mikes Tripod after all if you bring it 4000 odd miles you should use it. Here is one of the front of the hotel last night.

One of our lovely swimming pool.

And to be really silly one of a Truck in the car park.

In the morning Fred and I went to a museum with our captures and had some fun on the exhibits (the curator did not mind as we were funny English people). It was a lovely place with loads of oldey worldy things to look at and me and Fred messed about, it was great fun.

Me being silly.

An old Diesel Loco outside.

There were loads of things in the place, that I can't show them all, here's a taster.

Fred said I would be driving if it were England because they drive on the wrong side of the road, there is going to be plenty to learn when I got to their home!!  Tony told us it was only about 50 deg F there, oh dear, I will need some thick clothes.  After an exhausting morning they then went for a Mexican meal and looked around the town then came back to the hotel where Mike went for another swim.  I think he will turn into a dolphin at this rate.

For tea we went to a big lake and had rolls whilst sitting on the pier, this made a good end to another good day.

Can any kind follower tell us what sort of birds are these? They have red on top of their heads and we saw about 18 of these in a group...............

We are leaving Lake Wales in the morning after more pancakes and maple syrup, there is a machine, you push a button and it automatically cooks two pancakes and delivers them to a plate.  I shall see if I can take a picture and show you tomorrow.

Nite Nite, luv Henry.


  1. no it is about 68F here, not quite as warm as you

  2. they are wheremythings birds, their looking for their glasses

  3. Start again, we are in St Augustine,just above Daytona. If luck is on our side we should see the Shuttle take off.

  4. Sandhill Cranes