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Friday, 6 May 2011

Fred at our beach

Right, well they did not bring me back a Guinness so I finished the Buds.

They all seemed to be enjoying themselves and Mike was up at 7.30am to do a recky of the site, wow, what a wonderful place with its own beach.

Me soaking up the sun..

Thought I would have a bit of  fun building sand castles.

Jetty at the end of our beach.

Mike at the end of the jetty, I take a mean picture, or perhaps it's the luck of the Irish.

Even the car park was beautiful, we will be sad to leave tomorrow.

I will  have so get back it my bag as we are going through the Everglades which is midge county on our way up to Naples. So wind the windows up and put the air-con on.

Wow, I need a looooooong sleep after that and a large Guinness.

See you later fans, luv, Fred XXX

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