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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Trip around St. Augustine

Hello peeps,

We were all up early to go into town to look around again.

Tony Glo, split up and went  their own way around the town and we all met up in the Lightner Museum.

First off there was a Classic Car Show with a wonderful array of Motors.

A load of trophy's for the winners

 First off was a Cobra, a wonderful car but not very comfortable according to the owner.

A view under the bonnet, or should I say hood.

We saw this caddy and thought of Ian.

It was made the year he was born.

Then we found a Spanish enactment at the side of the road.

This bloke had a Blunder bus and when he fired it Mike nearly dropped the camera, wow that was a bang.

To finish off the day we went into the Lightner Museum which is full of treasures he collected over the years as he was an oil mogul with pots of money.

Just a taster, a Tiffany lampshade, there were many more.

Just one of the many viewing rooms .

Right off to dinner now,

Nite Nite,luv, Henry

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