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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Henry comes home

Hi peeps, Alls well that ends well.

Yesterday morning I was packed securely in the hand luggage bag for my trip. At the time I had no ideas were I was going to end up it was very dark in there but I had the computer to keep me warm, After all Mike has used it a lot over the last month. After breakfast they headed for the Airport, that went wrong and we arrived about  4 hours ahead of schedule due to no eatrys as Tony calls them on route.
We arrived at the Airport, the car was all covered in Love Bugs even though we were driving at 45 mph. We were greeted by a nice African girl who took a shine to me as we gave back the fly and beetle infested motor vehicle.
Off up the ramp we went, Gloria was a bit fed up as we got there too early but soon cheered up at the sight in the Airport lounge by large Micky Mouse and Sealife shops. Gloria was in her element, The time flew by and I was soon taken onto the big white thing with wings. They all sat down , Fred started to act the goat as usual but I had the last laugh. After the flight Gloria got off and, don't say it,  forgot Fred, he was left behind on the plane.
A lady fortunately picked him up and was going to take him to the lost property  when Gloria caught sight of him on the staircase and called down to the woman and they were reunited.
We seem to have had a month loosing cuddly toys, first Ernie and then the Harrods bear which was to replace the one which Ian lost, then we nearly lost Fred.

Anyway I am off the bed in my new home which is quite nice. I shall be counting down the days when the new Ernie arrives which should be Saturday, I am sure we will be the best of friends.

Nite Nite, luv Henry, no pics tonight as Mike is fast asleep.  XXX


  1. Good to see you are all home hope to fly with you shortly. Will Henry be parachuting with Uncle Bill at any point over the Summer??

  2. It all depends on Sue if she will let him fly. After loosing Ernie I'm not sure.
    See the latest blog for the happy ending.