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Saturday, 7 May 2011

All turned out alright in the end

Hi Folks, Fred here again,

This is very tiring being in charge it wouldn't be so bad if I got paid for it.

Anyway's, we went to The John D Pennekamp State Park in Key Largo to chill out before going on to Naples. It was a lovely park, I enjoyed the sunshine but they didn't share their ice creams with me.

This was a view from the park looking across the lagoon. They had Kayaking, snorkling and swimming all rolled into one. Also on the site was a shop and an Aquarium.

I don't think I would like to get too near these Lion Fish but they did look pretty.

On the way back they did the washing, I don't know much about these launderette places but they said they hadn't seen anything like it.  I stayed in the car as I do not wish to take part in such activities.

They told me that the walls were painted by a local artist and the drier doors were etched with pictures of fish.

Close up of the doors.

On the wall above the machines.

Last shot of the door mat as we left.

Anyway back to the hotel and a good sleep before we packed and set off to Naples across the Everglades.

A 162 mile journey  with a stop at an Indian reservation before arriving at Naples

We.found the Comfort Inn which Sue and Mike stopped at 11 years ago. In the shop was a bear and our Sue fell in love with him straight away.
On his vest it says " I spent the night in Naples" and his name is Henry. He seems a bit young to do the blog but we decided to give him a try.

nite nite from a very happy group, Sue, Mike,Tony,Gloria,Fred and our new friend Henry XXX

We hope Eileen approves. (Fred has had  enough anyway and wants to go back to Ireland}