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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Cruising Dolphins

Hi Folks,

Sorry but Mike here again, We are all sorry to tell you that poor Ernie is no more. We all travelled back to the Dolphin sanctuary today but no luck. Right, that out of the way we will continue to do the blog until we can find a replacement for old Ern. We shall be going to his birthplace, Naples in a few days to try to find a replacement. This is situated on the West Coast of Florida just above the Everglades.

To finish yesterday we went on a sunset cruise off the end of Key West, it was a lovely night although the sea was a bit choppy.

This will make Charles green with envy here is the Disney Magic one of the Worlds most luxurious cruise liners.

So off we went into the sunset, a lovely meal, music and good company.

On the way back the antics got even worst, still Tony and I enjoyed it.

I think Gloria and Sue took a dim view of the proceedings,

Just getting back to harbour a little bit worst for wear, is was night time in Key West and the town was just coming to life. What a wonderful place full of different nationality's and cultures the place was full of music and dancing. We then got a taxi back to the hotel and crashed into our beds totally knackered.

Next day we started down the Keys again for our swim with the Dolphins, what a wonderful experience. We booked in a research centre where they also take in lost and injured Dolphins and all the money goes back into the care of there animals.

It was Tony's' turn to drive so off we set....

At the Sanctuary we all, well not Sue, she took the photo's and is afraid of the water.

What an experience, it was absolutely  wonderful, one of the best things I have done, their power and gentleness is amazing. Tony and Gloria also had a wonderful time and we all came back to the hotel drained and very happy. After an hours sleep we all went out for dinner and had a drink to celebrate a really wonderful day.

Right off to bed, happy and smiling with a grin from ear to ear.

Luv to all,Tony, Sue, Gloria and Mike  XXXX


  1. You will need a holiday after you get back Mike.

  2. Hi Trev, yes we will, we have all got to slow down a bit, so booked in to a Holiday inn for a couple of nights to chill out. It's a lovley hotal with a pool and Gym and has only been opened 6 months. It is situated on the edge on a lagoon and is beautiful. Will take some pics today.
    Hope you are ok.

  3. Wonderful pictures mike and I am so jealous that you have been swimming with the dolphins .... D&H are NOT 'appy that you have lost little Ernie....'sobbin their 'earts out they are !!!

  4. Sorry D&H, we didn't do it in purpose. Sue is devastated as well, and I had a little tear as also (silly ol chump).