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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Henrys first day

Hello all,

Well talk about being thrown in at the deep end. I was only put up in the shop for sale yesterday and Sue comes along and snaps me up. I hope I can keep up with poor Ernie and Fred as I am a bit new at this lark.

Anyway, after breakfast the first stop of the day is Walmart, to the people that don't know it's a massive store that sells everything, I havn't been to England yet but they tell me Asda is part of Walmart.   What a store, I was a bit worried when one of the staff came past us with a 3 wheeled bike, the aisle was that wide. Sue and Gloria stocked up with the daily goodies and off we went to the Zoo.

More worries for me as this was my first trip out with my new family, it was very bright and hot and Gloria bought Fred a pair of sunglasses, I kid you not.

Well I tell you, I was not happy to be taken to this place as the animals were not very friendly, what the dickens is that, I was so scared I WANTED TO GO BACK TO THE SHOP. After I calmed down I came down from the tree and went back in Sue's bag.

What a funny tree I was in.

I then calmed down and Sue took me to see some fawns and I felt a bit better.

Then they showed me a Panther, I was all right with that as he was asleep.

Well that's it I'm going back to the Hotel I have had enough of the Zoo.
Just as a finish I said that Gloria bought Fred some sun glasses, I know you all thought I was Joking..................

Well what can I say, who bought me into this rabble.

Nite, nite, luv Henry with the help of Fred  xxx


  1. Hi Henry
    My Nephew's wife works in Walmart way up by the Great lakes, but the biggest one that I know about in the UK is at Bristol's Patchways Retail Park. you need a bike to go round that, I know because I have been in there. You will have to get Mike to take you there one day.
    Looking forward to seeing you

  2. Hi Trevor,
    Bristol looks like fun.I will have to get Mike to take me there with the new Ernie.