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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Fred's day of fame or two

Hi there, my name is Fred

 I don't know why Gloria calls me that as I am an Irish Gnome. I am taking over from Ernie as the silly old fool has gone walk about,. Mike who is a very nice fellow asked me to hold the fort till that Ernie is found. so I agreed at a price.

Well they woke up at 7am, packed and had breakfast in that rather swanky hotel Mike was going on about yesterday. I thought it was a bit over the top for a Gnome but they liked it.

Tony drove another 80 plus miles to Key Largo which is on the Keys just before you turn off for Miami, I wanted to go into there and see all the Bikini clad girls but Gloria said I was too young, spoil sport.. Anyway they found a Hotel to stay in for 2 nights so at least I had a bed for the night.

During our stay we had a look around the town and Gloria got this shot of a mail box which I thought was very cool with the fish on top and not look like our ones back home.

Mike being a Mechanic wanted to look in the local auto shop as we had to oblige, he bought a lot of silly things. A squeegee for the windscreen and would you believe it yet another light for the garage back home.

Inside the store it was like an Aladdin's cave, full of tools and bits it was just like a big Halfords back home..

As we left we saw the most amazing car, a Thunderbird with its' own Keeys number plate, how cool is that..

Boy, they must still have money over here, or the luck of the Irish..

As we turned the corner, we were greeted to this on the side of a Diving shop wow, what a sight.

Right, back to the hotel for a nap, it's been a hard day taking over from that Ernie to be sure, to be sure.

Well that's it from me ,they have left me on my own so the could go and do some washing they said,. I bet they are in the bar, ah here they are now with a box of Budwiser, typical..

Nite nite, luv, Fred and the gang XX


  1. you want to stay out of the Auto Shops as they are bad for your pocket

  2. True Trev, still it's only money. you cant take it with you. Wait till you see the hotel pictures from here tomorrow.

  3. You notice the date on the number plate? 05-12?


    All fine and dandy here, all well and stuff.

    Love to you all xxx

  4. Hello Fred are a cutie! Looks like everyone is having a good time .... love the diving shop ! Ensure they look after you Fred!

    E xxx

  5. @Ian that's ironic about the date, never noticed that. Lots of love XXX

    @ Eileen Gloria is in charge of Fred.