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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Mission Completed

Hi Henry here,

They all woke up and packed me in Sues' bag to continue our quest to find the graves of the 23 British Airmen killed whilst being trained as pilots in America.

We left at 10am and continued around lake Okeechobee which is the largest man made lake in Florida. As we were told we would not see the lake very well as is completely surrounded with a levy at least 20ft high and difficult to see from the road,. The lake is 37miles across and supplies water to most of Florida. This is a shot taken from the car over a bridge which had a sluice gate to let water out of the lake.

Sorry about the dead fly we collected quite a few of the on this trip

They said they would stop when they could climb the side of the levy, I was scared being new and stayed in the car as I am only small and did not want to get lost. Fred went with Gloria as he is a brave Gnome.

It was very hot on the way up but eventually they reached the top, "Where is the water", Mike cried, due to the lack of rain this area had dried up.

Back in the car we cuddled Henry and got on our way to Arcadia. We called into a small 50s Diner for lunch of burgers  and "Working Cow" Florida Ice Cream with black cherries, whipped cream and sprinkles.

We were given directions to the Oak Ridge Cemetery and were able to drive around inside until we found The British Plot, there we found the 23 graves and paid our respects.

This was a very moving place tucked up at one side of the cemetery and we all felt the we had done our bit and returned to drive on up country to Lake Wales which is in the centre of Florida. We booked into another Holiday Express Inn for a two day stop over and within 10 minutes of arriving Gloria and Mike were in the pool with me looking out of the window.  I havn't experienced water yet so I am not sure about it.

That's Mike drowning.............

These are some of the poor flies that we collected on the way, oh dear what a mess, best forget about in untill the morning.

They cleaned the windows and that was it.

I had a good but tiring day doing this, I don't know whether I can cope any more.

Nite Nite from a very tired Henry  XX


  1. If you drive below 45 mph you don't collect flies and save time cleaning them off which makes up for the slower speed.

    You keep eating ice cream you won't be able to get underneath a car when you get back (:-)

  2. If you drive at 45mph on a 65mph road you are liable to get a smack up the rear you silly old fool.

    I don't really want to get underneath a car when I get back.