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Sunday, 1 May 2011

April Fool-NOT

Well, what can I say, some very sad news, Ernie went walk about yesterday whilst we were in the Dolphin sanctuary. I think Bert the Harrods Bear was actually a female and Ernie fell in love and they ran away together. Sue is very sad to loose him after 11 years but life goes on. We actually went back 80 miles to the Sanctuary to look for him but to no avail. Ernie was bought in Naples in Florida and I have promised her a new one even if it is not the same. So the search for a new bear starts here.

On a lighter note we arrived at Key West and went to Mallory Square to watch the sun set and thought of Ernie.

I drove down the Key's whilst Tony took the pictures. Here's a couple

Going down the Keys.

We, that's Tony,Glo, and Myself are swimming with Dolphins tomorrow which is a one in a lifetime experience for all of us. Watch this space.... Here's a sample from yesterday.

Right, that's it folks, Going on the Dinner Cruise to see the sunset tonight.

More tomorrow, Luv Mike


  1. Yep we are going back again today to swim with the Dolphins and have another look for him. Really looking forward to the Dolphins.

  2. OMG.... I am distraught.... Ernie and I have been chatting away for days now and I have been relying on him to keep you lot under control ..... please have another good look for him!!

    Ps dead jealous you are going to swim wiv the Dolphins.... how cool is that!!!