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Friday, 5 August 2011

Welcome to Wales

Hi folks,
Well here we are after 4 hours on the road plus a lunch stop, at the village of Caerllion near Newport.

A really nice village which is famous for the Welsh trying  to stop the Roman invasion.The Romans left behind these wonderful baths which have been restored to there former glory.  It was free admission, which amazed us for a start.

The baths have there own light show as you can see below.  It showed the men bathing in the mornings followed by women and children in the afternoon.

The show was fantastic with the swirling waters and swimmers being projected on to the water from projectors above, the water and swimmers weren't really there.

Next down the road was the Museum, again free admission, which had a wonderful array of artefacts, by clicking on the image you will get a much better view.

This is an recreation of a tile found on the site and I think it is stunning.

There were a load more to see but I am starting to flag and it is getting late,will try to put some more up later.  There was an amphitheatre which had been excavated and some Roman Barracks, during August some students are helping with this years' "dig" on a field and things of interest will be displayed in the museum.

Going up the road I saw this sign which proves we are in Wales.

Well that it for today will end with a picture of us two in a mirror outside the museum, we are in the pink.

nite nite, luv Mike


  1. My you have been busy on your first day, good for you

  2. We are just about to start our trip ....OOooo I love holidays !!
    Now , this place is right up my street... We love Old Churches and Museums ... this looks really interesting and super pics Mike.... looking forward to the rest of your trip ....
    See you soon .... gonna 'hit the road' now! woohoo


  3. Ps Henry with you ??

  4. Ah Yes, sorry Eileen he was stuck in the case all day, poor bear. Will get him out today for the rest of the trip.

  5. Have a safe and pleasant trip. XX