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Monday, 29 August 2011

Brushing the cobwebs off the Nikon D300 with Trev

Hi folks,

Well we decided to go out with that intrepid Trevor to Northward Hill and Cliffe Pools with my old and HEAVY Nikon D300, we both had 300mm lenses on our cameras so in a way it was a friendly Nikon, Cannon shoot out for a bit of fun,

Well this is Trevor with is new D60. and unusual aminal which kept stalking me.

Here he is gazing into the screen on the back to reveal his latest creation. As your can see it's not the greatest of days for photography as it is only the end of August. Still summer is not far away.

So round to the hide we trotted and as I poked the lens through the hole they flew off. I'm not surprised said Trev " you are like a Bull at a Gate", you have to be quiet and walk slowly he said. Well after that I thought " I want to take proper birds in a studio, with lights and things, not be out here with it about to chuck it down with rain.

Trev is really into this bird thing so I thought I ought to make the effort so I got this one. My GREAT TIT.

So off we trekked to the river, I thought," I can get close to those swans" no such luck, as we aproached there was a dirty great ditch in the way so this is the best I could get. At least I could get up close and personal to the other birds in the studio, can we go home now I cried?

NO, Sue and Trev had decided to go to Cliffe Pools and have another go, so as we got back in the car the rain started, good I thought I can go home now. No such luck, off we went in search of more wild life, or the lack of it,

I took this shot before we left as Trev bless him has got me into taking cloud formations which I quite enjoy.

Off to Cliffe Pools we went around lots of twisty roads, about  4 miles later we arrived.

Well this looks better I thought but after a walk we only saw birds that were miles away. I entered into the spirit of the thing and got this mound, no birds, just a mound.

As it was getting late and the gate was soon to be locked we decided to make tracks for home.

I quite enjoyed it really, lots of jibes back and forth.

Well that's it, nite nite, luv Mike


  1. That is a Nice picture of the Great Tit on it's own.
    It is a pity about the lack of wild life but by the time they return it will be well into the Autumn.
    A nice afternoon out

  2. Welcome to the joys of Birdwatching! If you like a trek off the beaten track Have you tried Elmley Marshes??

  3. Mmmmm .... not so good for you then Mike ! and to top it all ..... I don't think your Great Tit IS a Great tit ..... I think it is a coal tit!!

    I gonna consult OTL cos he knows everyfink!!!xxxx

    back in a while.........

  4. Welcome home Eileen, not really into birds of that type, they are too far away and when you walk up to them the little buggers fly off. Was quite surprised at the difference between my new camera and the old Nikon. I am not into carting it around in a wheel barrow.

    Will wait for OTl's verdict on the TIT as you say he knows everyfink!!!

  5. Well..... OTL says you are right Mike .... he reckons I do not know nuffin!!! The bird IS a Great Tit!!! xxxxxx I'll go now..... (slumped sobbin over my lappy) :( xxxxx

  6. Well, I know nuffin as well, cause that twit Trev told me wot it was so dont fret about it. Looks like another trip out tweeting on Wednesday. Gunna take me little Cam this time rather than the wheelbarrow.

    Hope you all have recovered from your trip and the next doors cat is still alive. :) xxxx