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Friday, 12 August 2011

Betwsycoed then home

Hi folks,

We had rather a damp day in Porthmadog on Thursday,stayed on a farm on the outskirts and it rained and rained all day. Tried to walk around the town but ended up seeking shelter most of the time.

Decided as the weather had changed that we would set off for home a day early as Mike and Sue were a bit water logged. Started the day with a hard fried egg for breakfast which didn't help and it was still raining.

To get to the A5 they thought they would go to Betwsycoed as they had to pass through it anyhow. On the way there it continued to rain and rain and rain. As we approached it was getting brighter so we thought, what the heck lets park and have a look.

Parked up and guess what, the rain stopped and the clouds thinned. After a look around the shops we found this bridge as we were looking for the famous Swallow waterfalls.

Funny bridge this, it swayed to and fro as you walked over it.

After a walk they spoiled themselves with a cream tea as the weather had brightened up in this lovely coffee shop,  we even sat outside as it was quite warm.

Then off to the train station to have a look around. Notice the three railway lines, time to investigate. The large one was obviously the main railway line but the other two??

Well bless my soul we all said, look at that.a miniature steam train, that's what the other rails were for.

Here it is with it's big brother in the station, still not known what the middle rail was for. there was a railway museum there which you can see in the background. we spent the next hour looking round that.

Right what did we come here for, ah yes the waterfalls, after a bit of asking we found Swallow Falls, about 2 miles out of the village. It cost £1.50 each but they thought it was worth every penny.

Notice the wreath in the last shot, someone must have drowned there, very sad for such a wonderful place.

Right, it's 2.30pm and time to set off for home, the last day was full of surprises and the rain stayed away but started again 5 minutes after we left.

see you all soon, luv Henry XX

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