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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Big meet up (the food was extra)

Hi folks Henry here again,

I'm a bit fed up with everyone as I have been stuck on the bed since I returned from Florida. Well yesterday Sue stuck me in a plastic bag. In the car I went and before I knew it we were in Wales at least they took me (sniff).
Well thanks to Eileen on the blog yesterday they got met back into action.

Well enough of me moaning, lets get on with the blog. Today they took me to Abergavenny and had a nice day looking around the shops and ending up at the Miserable Cow coffee shop, I kid you not that was the name of the shop.
Then back in the bag and off to the Plas Derwen for a meal with Ken G4GJA, Heather, Sue and Laura.

Here they are after a lovely meal. we gave Laura a hug as she had to go back to Cardiff..

So off we went back to Merthyr Tydfil for a nice evening with Ken and Heather.

So nite nite to all love Henry XX

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  1. Hi All, you look like you are enjoying it, so keep it up