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Saturday, 27 August 2011

45 years

Hi folks,

Well I had to put this up for all my followers of  my blog.

Thanks for looking and giving the occasional comment it has been fun. I enjoy taking images as you all know and I thought you would like this one taken by our dear friend Charles, bless him. This was taken on my 65 birthday (as you can see by the badge) at Chatham Marina.

Nite nite all, lot's of love  Michael xxx


  1. Thank you, here's wishing you a Happy Anniversary too xxx

  2. Happy Anniversary to you both on this bright sunny morning.

    That might be wishful thinking at this time of the morning but have a great day.
    Love Trev

  3. Thanks Trev, hope the sun shines on you today.

  4. I'm back!!!!!!!!! I hope you both had a super duper day.... The 27th August is special to me too, cos it was my dear mums birthday ...
    I will be blogging the card 'wot I made' soon for Sue. I really enjoyed making it Sue. I am so pleased you like it :)

    Great photo of you both .... well done Charles x