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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Steam up at Tenterden

Hi folks,

We picked Daisy up from Ashford and were at a loose end due to the weather.  "Where shall we go? - let's go and see more trains at Tenterden".  As we arrived the rain stopped and didn't start again until we left two and half hours later. £1 each for two platform tickets and off we went.

The Railway after a  retirement in 1954 was bought back to life by enthusiasts in 1974.
The line is ten and a half miles long and runs all the way to a station in Bodiam castle in East Susssex.

Here they are waiting for the train to arrive.

The chap on the roof was shovelling the coal forward as it was about to loose some off the tender.

My it's high up here.

Quaint old signs adorn the toilet block.

Interesting  items around the station.

Getting up steam ready to leave.

10.40 am on it's way to Bodiam.

Another train backing out of the station to bring more carriages in from the siding.

Bringing in the carriages from the sidings ready for the second trip of the day.
By this time it was time to eat so we found some dry seats in a picnic area to have lunch, the rain still holding off, just we returned to the platform for a last look.

Well there were loads of hoarding signs but I had to add this one, I thought I was quite appropriate at this time.

Well a quick dash for the car and back home we went in the rain which thankfully gave us a great time there in between the rain.

nite nite all, luv Mike XX

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  1. Turned out to be a good outing Mike

  2. Yep, I am just amazed at the British weather.

  3. I have been on that Line, was very good, was some years ago, I remember bumping into Chaz by chance complete with his railway Hat and huge camcorder in those days. Another little rail museum i found very interesting is at Peene Just off the a20 near ch\tunnel folkstone. the3 link as follows
    the open season finishes end of this month. Check the open hrs because I think its a weekend only opening. Well worth a visit, I found it by chance when working in the area, so made sure I got there before we moved to wales. 73 ken

  4. Hi Ken, will check Peene out.
    It was a very good morning and gave Daisy some new experiences, the loud toot made her jump then laugh the first time and after that she just laughed. She enjoyed seeing the level crossing gates being opened and closed for cars and trains and was interested in the way the wheels fitted on the tracks. Just the right age to see all these things.