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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Teston Kite Festival, part 2

Hi folks,
 As said in conjunction with Trevor, here we go.

Well here we are again at Teston lock No. 8 on the river Medway on a wonderful sunny and windy day.

First I must complete the activity's on the flying field, throughout the day we heard a faint buzzing sound and low and behold it was Heather's Bees buzzing around individual poles. Heather collects Bees, Crabs,Turtles and Ducks. Not to mention loads of Ladybirds.

This is one of Heathers famous Bees.

This is the Bee keeper tending her bees.

Well I had to add one of her famous Ducks.

After lunch we all went cameras in hand to look at the famous 100 year old lock.

Loads of activity here with boats and canoes coming through the lock.

At this point Trev and I spotted the swans, there were 2 of them swimming down the river from the lock, we thought we would put one up on each of the blogs.

This is a very tranquil setting and I have seen water to the top of the gantry by the orange buoys.

Open the sluice gates.

And the lock gates.

A view of this magnificent river looking down towards the bridge.

Well that was the end of a wonderful day and at the end of the BBQ we were greeted with this wonderful sunset.

Well, that's it.

nite nite, luv Mike XX

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