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Friday, 12 August 2011

Tuesday at Tywyn

Hi folks,

Well still playing catch up.

 We arrived at LLwyngwril and stayed at this lovely guest house overlooking the sea.

Well what a lovely place and after we unpacked I got friendly with this rather large bear on the bed.

Ernie got the hump because he kept pushing him away.

Well what a view out of our bedroom window, these two were chomping away all day.

Well we had breakfast which was served by this lovely old lady and was the best one apart from Heathers', so far, smashing runny eggs and loads of toast, Yummy.
What to do today, well we went back slightly to Tywyn to investigate the old railway that had brought slate down from the hills.

We arrived at the Railway Station that said "free wifi" well that was a poor Welsh joke as it was impossible to use. We then bought our tickets, I went free as I was so small.

 This was our train to take us up the mountain, that man with the white shirt was handing over the key that you needed as it was a single line track and you did not want to hit a train coming the other way, did you?.

The views going up were breath taking and the picture really doesn't show it off properly.

Half way up we got off the train to investigate this gorgeous waterfall flowing out of the hillside. The area around was covered in moss as it was so damp under the trees.

This was the time to have my picture taken, Mike didn't want to put me on the ground as it was wet so he stuck me in the sign instead but it hurt my bum..

We walked through the undergrowth and came across the train viaduct which ran over the footpath above us. there was loads of moss and lichen all over the place. We took a second train to the station with the cafe, time for lunch and a third to the top Nant Gwernol.

It was then time to get the forth train of the day back to Tywyn, this time we had a lady driver and I was frightened. At the bottom my fears were quelled as she had given us a good ride back to the bottom of the hill.

To end the day we all had good old fish and chips before we went back to our lovely hotel with our lovely old lady.

Cheers for now, luv Henry  XX

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