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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Quick flit around the Brecon Beacons

Hi folks,
Henry here with the shakes, just been round the Brecon Beacons with Ken and Heather.  Mike says Ken used to be a super duper Service Engineer for a famous alarm company and was used to get places on time!!!! We all loaded into the car and set off at speed for the Beacons, after ten minutes I was feeling sick.  First up is a picture of sheep on the Beacons, bearing in mind there's lots of them.

This is a typical Welsh scene, according to Mike.

Heather said "I think the rain is coming".

Didn't take a picture of Heather, so here is a Welsh thistle which escaped from Scotland.

Heather then directed Ken to take us to the Monmouth and Brecon Canal.

Hay, I seem to have missed the boat, wait for meeeeeee.

I thought these were pots and pans drying in the sunshine, but Heather said I was silly, they were painted pots and pans drying in the sunshine.

Last but not least, a serene view at the end of the day before our traumatic drive home for a lovely dinner of Welsh lamb.

Having to have a lie down now, I am leaving Mike to finish the blog. nite nite

Luv Henry xx


  1. I went there in 1980 and had a wonderful time. It is raining here now, so you have passed it on the us, bad boy

  2. Sun shinning up here, you can keep the rain.LOL

  3. Thanks Mike and Sue. Had a wonderful time with you both and look forward to another Meet. The photos look good, should do with the camera you have HI.

    Rain has kept off here, but does not look good for North wales later this week.