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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Mucking about on the river

Hi folks,

Well at great expense we had a second go on the Kingswear Castle Paddlesteamer, we started off in the rain as last time well it must get better.

Off we trundled if that's the right word, as you can we were all wrapped up for our epic journey down the Medway and past the power station.

On route we had various sorties with the local yachts who didn't like this majestic old paddle steamer.

We reached Kingsnorth and got this shot of a weird contraption that is used to unload the coal from the ships. It is a crane with a screw that goes into the depths of the ship to unload the coal. You can see the power station chimney through the cranes.

A shot of an Orange buoy to brighten up the proceedings as it was such a dull day.

Last but by no means least a birdie shot, I'm sure Trev will know what they are. not being a Tweeter myself I notice they have long beaks.

Right, that's it for today off to bed and off on the start of an adventure tomorrow.

nite nite all luv Mike


  1. Well done Mike, it really did end up a good day.
    I think they are Gulls but you had a better longer lens than me.

    Love the barge moored

  2. excuses, excuses. they ain't Gulls are they? Will keep in touch, gota go and pack.

  3. Tut, Tut, fancy asking Trev, Mike ... they are all Oyster Catchers apart from one black headed Gull ... Love the 'moody' pictures ... You captured the day very well .... Sunny August!!

    Daisy and Holly thank you for the good holiday wishes and hope you and Sue have a safe journey and a good time .... they want to know if you have packed your toys too!! xxx

  4. Definitely Oystercatchers and one black head, you really must buy a bird book Mike!

  5. nah, Trev,s into birds, you will meet him at Teston

  6. Steve is into birds as well, if you need a break I bet they will be able to bore each other rigid!! (LOL)