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Friday, 12 August 2011

Internet stopped play, Monday 8th in Wales

Hi Folks,

Well today we said "goodbye" to Ken and Heather but not before visiting a reservior, driving across the Becon Becons and visiting Erwood Station. I am showing you a picture of the Weir and a lot of water and you can image the rest, notice the sunshine.

We travelled up across the Brecon Becons and took this view with good clouds for Trevor.

Erwood which used to be a busy railway station but is now a craft centre (and tea shop) oh yes, more tea, coffee in Kens' case.  The shops were in railway carriages and the signal box was a bird watching hide, Mike said that it could be full of  Twitchers but it was empty and we left before they came.


They all had a drink and some Welsh Cakes, four in the packet so I missed out again and after having a good look around they left us to continue the holiday.

Northwards we headed and stopped for more tea and funny Welsh Loaf. Then we booked into a B&B in Llwyngwri, funny name, I don't know how to pronounce it but it means "Grove of the Green Leaves".  Plenty of green leaves here and Cardigan Bay across the road, so plenty of sand and sea as well.

They went for a drive after dinner and finished up only a few miles down the road in Fairbourne which looks across to Barmouth, there were kite flyers just packing up and two horse riders.

This is sunset over Cardigan Bay with mountains in the background

Well Mike tried toget some foreground interest but there was nothing and no one about.

What a tiring day, off to bed now.

nite nite,luv Henry xx

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  1. Ken's got older but looks the same as I saw him last..

    Good clouds Mike