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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Back to the Barge

Hi folks,

well what a lovely afternoon.

As it was Tuesday and we had Daisy, we thought it would be a good afternoon the see the Edith May in her home location in Lower Halstow. This is where she stays in the winter doing Lunches and Teas below deck.

We stopped by to say hello and talk about other trips with Geoff the skipper. They were doing a bit of maintenance, painting the deck before they go out tomorrow afternoon for a Cream Tea Cruise.

 As it was so nice we decided to have a walk along the river and bumped into Sam.

Now Sam was a water baby through and through, we lost count of the amount of times he went in after his brightly coloured ball.

This was the scene after every swim, stand back everybody!

Daisy went for the buttercups in the field by the river.

Young horse in the field by the river getting some well needed sun.

Daisy playing peek a boo in the undergrowth, she had the time of her life by the river. Throwing stones (pottery) into the river as it was a disused brick works. Loads of little pieces of plates and bricks all over the place.

Another Teasel these are getting scarce as the summer rolls along and they break down.

One for Trev with reflections. Can't make out why there are two reflections.

Thanks for stopping bye.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Oh what a beautiful picture of Daisy in the flowers Mike ... gorgeous!

    Lovely post, summer is, at last, heading our way ! Yipeeeeeee xxx

  2. Once again your shots are wonderful.....but you know which are my favourite two dont you..... ? Bless her !!
    chris richards

  3. once again it is a joy to log onto your blogg, the photos are lovely, and Daisy isn't afraid of the camera now.It's nice to know that there are people willing to look after old things(Edith May)so that other people are able to enjoy them,

  4. The double reflection is a reflection off of a reflection. The wave is moving so you get two different angled reflections.