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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

St Paul's London

Hi folks.

Monday was my trip to London for my check up so not wishing to waste the day we went on a walking tour of the capital starting with St Pauls and many other sights.

We where blessed with fabulous weather.

Looking across from the South Bank we could see this Cathedral sticking out almost obliterated by 
other buildings which I think is a shame.

So we went to get a closer look and about 20 minutes later arrived. This is the South Entrance as shown in the image above but without all the clutter. Loads of tourists about so caught this at a quite moment.

This Sculpture intrigued me it was behind where the last image was taken, showing St Pauls in the reflection. We has a lot of fun with this image ducking and diving all around it to get the right spot.

If you look closely the ball  it has fuzzed my head and the Bus. A worker on the gardens was intrigued at what I was doing and laid flat out on the grass so that he did not get in the shot, you can just see his blue boiler suit beneath me that made for a bit of a laugh.

South entrance, detail of the Sculptures. This seemed to be its best side or the side that looked best from the ground.

West front entrance with Queen Victoria in her gated area, no not the lady with the green bag.

Time marches on, close up of the clock on the West side. If you look closely you can see the bird with no head bottom right.

The sculptures on the west face were a bit dilapidated and in need of repair. Note the Eagle with its head worn away. There are a few cracks developing as well.

Look at the angels wings.

We where thinking of going in but at £14 each we decided against it as you could not take photographs inside either. Bit of a shame really still you cant have it all, at least the weather was nice and it was just great just to be alive.

Loads more of London for another day.

Oh and the check up was fine although I have to go back in another month.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. A splendid tour Mike......You whisk me off to
    some wonderful places and the shots are fabulous,
    Thank you !!!!
    chris and Dave R

  2. Nice shots Mike. so refreshing to see something else other than the usual tourist the way love the Medway set...Dave

  3. Looked at the photos this evening after guild, instead of tomorrow, as I'm off to Bluewater. with Hilary. It's a lot of money to see inside St Pauls and not be allowed to take photos.

  4. The trouble with London is knowing what to take as in a small area there is all you need to fill 10 blogs.

    You did well Mike all are great pictures.

    Next time get yourself to Westminster as you have loads of places to visit. The Tate for one.

  5. Super Pictures Mike ... I enjoy all your posts as you take us on your journeys ! I love the sights and sounds of London but still prefer the open countryside and peace of watching wildlife !
    E xx

  6. Thanks again for all your nice and constructive comments.