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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Trip on the Edith May

Hi folks,

As a treat I was offered a trip by my wife on the Edith May, information on this lovely Barge to follow.

Tied up at Chatham Marina.

Our Granddaughter Daisy was there to see me off, our friend Charles and my wife Sue who also took some pictures of our departure.

We had a lovely breakfast below before finally casting off on our adventure.

We first went upwards towards Sun Pier before turning around to start our voyage down the river.

As I am very tired I will continue this adventure tomorrow, please forgive this short blog. loads more to follow.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, bed calls, luv Mike XX


  1. Ooo lovely boat Mike... Looks like the weather was better than usual! Glorious picture of Daisy .... looking forward to seeing more xx

  2. Well done Mike, I look forward to the rest.

    I have put the pictures that you wanted on a stick please ask me for it tonight, ta

  3. Hi Mike

    You certainly had the weather for it yesterday but of course it would be OK as my birthday!!!!!! Met Daisy for the first time yesterday and she wished me a happy birthday and introduced me to Margaret.....we shook hands!!!!! Then I was treated to the floor piano and also introduced to Baby (doll)

    Last time Margaret and I saw the Edith May was that awful day of the Sweeps Festival so nice to see it so beautifully.

    See you soon

    Hilary x