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Friday, 4 May 2012


Hi folks,

sorry I have not been about.

I really miss not going out and about but I am now ready to venture outside be it a damp and cold May and will have to wrap up warm..

As far as I can tell the operation was a success and I hope that is the end of my ordeal and I can get back to normal. I will still have to take it easy for a month work wise but at least I am mobile and can get out and about. I have to go back to hospital for a check in a month. I was amazed what they did bearing in mind that it was all done without a single mark to the outside of my body and was all done via the nasal cavity using a scanner,drill and cameras.

I looked through my earlier photos and found this one which I thought was appropriate" lovely weather for Ducks".

Give me time and I will be back properly.

Thanks for looking.

Have a great day, luv Mike XX


  1. Nice to see you back as a 'blogging buddy'. Sounds like it went well, so that's smashing news! Take it easy ... no swimming the channel or climbing Ben Nevis just yet !

    1. Thanks Eileen, great to be back. Looking forward to some sunshine like we all are especially D and H.

      Wont be swimming the channel just yet. XX

  2. Oh so glad you are on the mend Mike !
    Well of course with Dr Daisy to look after'll be fine and I mean dandy !!!
    chris and DAVE r

  3. lovely to have your blogg back, even if it was a pun on the weather.Hope you enjoyed your lunch at Boomers.

    1. Good time a Boomers with Charles and Jean.

  4. Nice to hear you recovering well hope to see you on a flying field again soon

  5. So busy yesterday Mike I missed this one.
    The way it is today up here, yuh right.......

    With luck we may get out for a few hours this week. I will give you a call if the WX looks good.

    I am glad you are better.