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Sunday, 20 May 2012

More Rabbits than Sainsburys

Hi folks,

Went to Northward Hill today as people on here like birds.

Well what a disaster, , we walked, and walked to the area it get a look at the Herons.  Walked down loads of paths until we got to the Heron Viewing area and guess what? NO HERONS, just a lot of noise but due to it being overgrown we could not get anywhere near them.
We sat on a bench really quiet but after 20 minutes not a single Heron flew over, we called it a day and walked back taking shots as we went.

Chaffinch ? looks like it in my books, notice I have more that one now, (I borrowed two).
I cheated here and got this from the hide by the entrance.

Down across a stream we trundled, loads of birds in the distance but too far away for me.

Past the Cherry Orchard and this pretty sign.

Tiny Fungi about the size of a 5 pence piece across.

Dandelion seeds ready to fly

Rabbit for Holly and Daisy, see how close you can get to them if you are quiet!

There were loads of Rabbits about with their little white tails bobbing.

Back to the entrance.
Chaffinch, not sure now, this one looks more like the one in the book, I know you lot will tell me what it is, I am confused.  Looks the same as the first one to my untrained eye. I won't give up though, I will try again.

Well I am worn out now, need another boat trip.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Glad the books came in handy.Lovely sculpture.

    1. I don't know what the first one is Mike but you are right on the last one.

      I like the wabbit

  2. Lovely pictures Mike ... we go there often ... In the summer months at twilight Ken has had some super pictures of Barn Owls Hunting ...

    It's a Sparrow... the first one .. Wish the birds would read the bloody bird books so they know what they are supposed to look like ... confusing sometimes innit !

    Don't give up ... You are doing well xx Collins Bird book is good, maybe the best!
    E xxx

    Eileen xx

    1. I have a readers digest book which is all photographs but the best one is by the RSPB which shows both birds and them in flight
      The books which are drawing can confuse you by no end.

  3. Revising my opinion... that bird could be a female chaffinch Mike !!
    Need to see more of it's neck and back! ....does it lack bold streaks! Go back and have a look for me please Mike !! lol

  4. Just a thought, to me is is not that sort of brown of a sparrow. Try again, it need more yellow in the brown..

  5. Been back through the images Eileen and sorry. none of his back. As Trev, bless says it's a long walk XX

    1. The experts will be along shortly no wonder to throw their opinions into the mix.

  6. Right first time Mike its either a female or a juvenile Chaffinch

  7. Thanks Stephen I knew you would have the answer.

  8. Its a pretty nice bird Mike, whatever it is.......
    and a lovely Post !
    Phew.....Now I think I'm up to date !!!
    Chris and Dave R

    1. Hi Chris and Dave, hope you had a lovely time in Brighton.

      Thank you for taking the time to go back through the blogs and leave such lovely comments, it is appreciated.

      Luv Mike and Sue XX

  9. You can also take good pictures of rabbits in Bushy Park, one of the Royal Parks, near Hampton Court, in South West London.