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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Banking Sector, who got us into trouble!

Hi folks,

As we continued out walk around the city we came across Paternoster Square, the Gate Way has moved as it caused traffic congestion in 1878. Not a lot changed then!

Inside was a private square finished in 2003 owned by Mitsubishi, not a lot of people know that.

With more shops and statues in private land. A security guard, (in his yellow coat) so every body could see him.

Sculpture of  a Shepherd and his sheep. Bronze and fibre glass by Dame Elisabeth Frink. (more useless information). Not quite wildlife Eileen.

Well there is a hose pipe ban but there were eight people watering these plants. See the Bowser, I wonder how they filled it up, now let me guess, a hose pipe.

Row of shops with a Sundial that caught my eye.

Never seen a Sundial with GMT on it

BIG BIG shops in London, no boarded up windows here. This bloke is just about to step on a ant.

Royal Exchange, used to be where you could get your money laundered!

The Duke of Wellington.

Royal Exchange

Lloyds of London, I really wanted to capture this building but it was covered in sheeting for alterations..........shame, still maybe next time.

Old and New, well 12years old,  (This was capped off when I last was at Guys)

Well where to next, the big thing in the last picture gives it away.

Thanks for dropping by, hope you enjoyed it.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Super, super pictures Mike ... I enjoyed them all More please xxx

  2. Hee He filling a water butt with a hose pipe, love it.

    This does bring back memories as I worked in and around the City of London for quite a while and not so long ago.

    All these bring back happy memories, thank Mike

  3. Oh Wowser Mike, such brilliant shots ! And I'm not too tired either....after my tour of London !!! Last time I was there, my feet were killing me !!!
    cheers....keep them coming,
    chris and Dave R

  4. well looks like london not suffered too much by the ongoing recession tourist wise. But behind the fragile scenes lurks slippery financiers. Lovely photos once again, not been into london for sometime, certainly will avoid this year for obvious reasons.My panasonic camera now packed up last week, looks like ccd gone down and not worth repairing as the guy said, its a bin job.

    1. Sorry to hear about you camera Ken.

      How is the family, hope they are all ok.

      73 de Mike