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Sunday, 6 May 2012

RAF Manston Museum

Hi folks,

Well this weather wont abate so I went searching for stuff to put up and can across these of Manston after we had seen the towers at Richborough come down. The date was the 11th of March before we were given a hosepipe ban.

I didn't actually know this place was here but as Sue, Trev and I were needing refreshment. After drinks we called in paying £1.50. had a good look around the Museum.

It was actually in an old aircraft hangar with some interesting kit in it, well worth a visit..

I think this is an old Sea King Helicopter.

Remember the pilot at the front, we joked and Sue called him Ken.

No none of these look like Ken OTL

Then we found Barbie and we all started to laugh as I remarked that this lady looked like a young Eileen, (bound for the naughty corner now) lol.

A close up of Ken in his youth

Outside the sun was shining, not like this week. We looked around at the outside exhibits.

Sitting on the seat outside I spied this little fellow, a Pied Wagtail, ain't I clever, not.

Just to prove it was a working Airport in came a Jumbo.

We went from here to look at the tower bases at Richbough that had been blown up earlier.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Ooooo you naughty lot ... but lovely to see you are feeling better Mike. I can tell you are by the funny and upbeat post. Yeah, I reckon Ken and I were just as stunning as the two 'dummies' there lol lol lol xxxx

    1. Thanks Eileen, I thought you would see the funny side of the post.

      Update on head, no Panda eyes from the start, I think the surgeon did very well. Fussy headaches decreasing, fingers crossed all will be fine. Got to got back in a month for a check up in London so we will see how it goes.

      Not working as I need to keep my nose clear from infection. Farming work out for the time being. Finish antibiotic course tomorrow, still have to wash it out twice a day, uck!.

      Glad you liked the Dummies. XX

  2. Sorry Mike the Helicopter is a Westland Wessex but yes it was an Air Sea Rescue a Chopper and they used to fly them out of RAF Manston

    1. Hi Stephen, well thanks for that, at least the bird was right.

      Give me a month and I shall return.

  3. I'm going to Manston 23rd May, hope we have the waether you had and not the weather we had yesturday., glad to be able to see what's there,

  4. Smashing post Mike, another nice little outing I've had today !
    chris and Dave R