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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Lovely Weather for Ducks!

Hi all,

Yesterday Tuesday was a nice day for us, at least where we were, after the Roman Villa we went into the town and stopped by the weir and the sun sort off came out.

Before we left the Villa we walked about and was going to Lullingstone Caste but Daisy had other ideas.

This is the Viaduct next to the Roman Villa apparently Trev had a customer near by a few years ago so he knows the area.

On the way back to the car, a sign of spring coming.  Then we set off for the town.

On the way I spied some Longhorns but they were very shy and kept walking away.

 At the weir this female Mallard was kicking up a fuss as she had just hatched  5 chicks and the male Mallards would not leave her alone.

She was chased up and down the river all the time we were there but at no time did she loose sight of her little chicks.

Here she is back with them all keeping them all in order.

The river had these sloping areas and the chicks could not get over them so the Mum had a plan...

She took them out of the fast flowing river, we have had a bit of rain you know. Up the bank they went along the path and back down into the water, cunning eh. You can just see a couple of chicks in the grass behind following mum back into the water, all the rest followed and they were all back in the family group in no time.

Well that's it for tonight, hope you enjoyed out visit to the town, maybe a few more tomorrow.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv mike XX


  1. Awwww lovely, lovely post Mike ... Just adore the Duckling wiv mum ! xxx

  2. Nice blog Mike with lots of interest.

    I like the viaduct shot

    1. Thanks both,sorry I called the Ducklings Chicks, still you are never to old to learn.

  3. Oh so lovely to see......great post Mike, fingers
    crossed for the weather this week end !
    Chris and Dave R

    1. Glad you are OK Chris , I was getting worried after the other week.

      Great stuff, really liked your last stitch work.

      luv Mike and Sue XX