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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Down Dockside

Hi folks,

Well what has happened to the summer?

I really need like everyone else the sun to shine, I mean it is May after all.

Went to see some friends for lunch yesterday and afterwards went for a walk by the river to get some air in my lungs after a week indoors.

We walked along the quay by the new Apartments which seem to be deserted with not a lot going on.

Looking out to get a reflection, well sort of.

This Pigeon had the right idea and protected himself from the wind under the lock gates, I think he was a bit hungry as well.

A bit of action by the lock, these two boats were coming in to moor after a trip down the river.

Up goes the lifting bridge to let the boats go free.

Little update to my condition. Not done a lot as I have to give it time to heal internally, I am getting as I was told a slight fuzzy head but not as bad as I thought and I am able to do away without any headache pills.

I thought this scene with the " Southern Mist" summed the day up. Well back to the car and home, at least I tried.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Hi Mike, glad to hear you're healing....
    I always feel like I am there, with your photos....its like a little outing, without leaving the house !!! Awesome, cheers Mike !!
    Chris and Dave R

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment Chris, glad to be out and about I just wish the weather down here would buck up. xx

  2. Good to see you out and about a bit Mike... love the Pigeon... what gorgeous colours!! Take it easy xxx

  3. Next time we go out to play, lets go for a walk along towards Rochester. and watch the boats go up and down the river.or walk around St Marys Island. you can get a great view of Upnor Castle.

    1. That's a date, can you organise some sunshine please. xx

  4. A nice reminder of summer Mike, well done.

    1. Wot, a boat called " Southern Mist" mmmmmmmmmm