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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Bluebells and a Solitary Daisy

Hi folks,

Well I think today was a bit more like March than May.

As it was Tuesday after lunch we thought we would explore Cobham so off we went with little legs to the park.
When we arrived the sun was shining so we picked up a map and started walking.

It wasn't long before Daisy wanted to sit down but at least she was happy.

By the entrance were some sculptures, this one of a Spider eating a Worm, please use your imagination.

This wood carving was a bit strange as well.

On we went with the sun trying to warm us up but as you can see, coats were firmly done up.

Past an old fallen tree that had been there for a while.

Time to look at the map at least we had a pretty guide.

Then we found them.

Daisy amongst the Bluebells

We thought it would be a good idea to climb to the view point before returning to the car, I wish we had not. Down came the rain and sleet and we had to shelter under a tree that had only a few leaves on it so we got wet and poor Daisy started to cry. I was going to the viewing area but alas that was it, with the sleet and rain coming down it was tine to call it a day, I did get this sculpture as we returned of a hand holding a flint?

To finish a wild Rhododendron, this was on the path back to the Swings as the rain/ sleet had stopped and would you believe the sun came out again. The swings were wet so poor Daisy came home a bit sad to say the least.

Home we all went  a bit damp but happy we went out..

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Well, I'm pleased you went out cos these pictures are really super.. I have been to this park but have no pictures! I love the 'Hand with the flint'! .. Gorgeous Daisy and Sue too!
    E xx

  2. I love the medievil torcher device in the first picture.

    Lovely pictures of Daisy

  3. I love the spider. and the unusual sculptures.What happened to the birds, was it too wet and cold for them.

  4. Ahhhh, I love the bluebells and the ever beautiful Daisy ! Shame it rained Mike!
    We are off to Brighton tomorrow to see our son at University for a few days....
    so no comments, but will catch up when we return !
    Have a good week,
    Chris and Dave R