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Monday, 14 May 2012

Birds of a Feather

Hi folks,

Continuing on the names theme

Great Crested Grebe, this little blighter popped up whilst I was photographing the Cygnets, and boy was he quick one second he was still on the water, the next whoosh he was gone, diving down to the bottom. I then had to wait about 30 seconds for him to pop up again but it could be anywhere on the lake.

Scene across the lake which had loads of fishermen hard at work.

Moorhen, just having a paddle about. I think according to my book this is a female as the distinctive red beak and white under the tail.

There was a load of blossom about in the park, another sign that spring has finally sprung and summer is around the corner?

Sue said that I was so interested in the Cygnets yesterday that I didn't put one of both parents up so here they are with a few Cygnets thrown in for good measure.

I thought this was a bit early, maybe I'm wrong.

Finally a look across the other lake which had sailing dingies on it, not so interesting as the first.
I think that this was due to a large road bridge adjacent to the lake with lots of noisy traffic keeping the wildlife in the first lake.

I thought Trev would like the clouds, I did.

Hope I got all the birds names right, I am getting into this and find I am looking for more species as I go about. Thanks to Steve for the links.

Well that's it from this location, hope you enjoyed the visit to the lakes.

Thanks again for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Loved the blossom, and the dandalion head.

  2. Yup Love the clouds Mike.

    The Grebe I saw at RCP was black so I don't know if there are more than one kind. A great picture Mike.

  3. @ Trev - List of Grebes (taken from RSPB website)
    Black necked
    Great Crested
    Red Necked

  4. Very relaxing post Mike... just my sort of thing... Beautiful views, birds, flora and fauna and not a blooming PS anywhere lol
    Well done that man!


  5. Another great post mike ! Love the clouds....
    Chris and Dave R