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Monday, 15 April 2013

Camera Class #2

Hi folks,
well tonight I am going to finish what happened at the camera class which was a lecture and the works of various photographic artists including the Images on display at Rochester by Richard Heeps who is renowned for his vibrant colours and American scenes.

Below, for the uninitiated this is Rochester Cathedral in Kent, England on a vibrant sunny Saturday morning. Well it started off that way but rained late afternoon.

Out brief was to go out into the City and capture America on our doorstep, we all looked at each other in the class and thought, no way. After a while out on the street we began to think outside the box and I came up with these.

and the shop front......

These where right in front of our eyes, so you can see what we had to do. Shoes in a shop window.

Eagle sign above the Pub.

I then found a lighting shop, and the lovely owner who after I told her what I was doing allowed me to photograph items in the shop. This is Tiffany Glass of an American origin.

A Jukebox.

Betty Boop.

and finally an American rise and fall light.

I would like to thank the lady again for her time and use of her unsold goods, there are still some wonderful people in the world.

I learnt a lot from the class which ran for six hours and I must also thank Rikard Osrerlund our tutor for a wonderful and informative day.

Thanks for looking.

Best regards, Mike


  1. Great Mike, that you found so much 'Americana' to photograph.....Sometimes we just dont see what is there right in front of us ! Have a smashing Monday Mike and Sue,
    Chris and Dave R

    1. Thanks Chris, that was the idea, I thoughly enjoyed the course which dear Sue arranged for me.XXX

  2. There are some brilliant colours in this one MIke, well done