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Thursday, 4 April 2013


Hi folks,
after a great Saturday, we awoke to a very cold Sunday with frost making the whole site like a winter wonderland even though it was the last day of March.

I was up early as usual and took these whilst the other three were fast asleep, I think they had the best idea, stay in bed.

Even the poor Daffodils dropped their heads in disbelief.

As for the Rabbits, they were deep in their Burrows out of the way. The sign was really to warn the campers of the many holes dug in the fields  Daisy and Holly our doggy friends from the other blog would have been in their element.

This is our friends Caravan, the water container and the pump taking water to the Caravan was frozen into the van.

When, an hour or so later they arose from their slumbers we set about thawing the pipes out.
We were so glad that Tony and Gloria had offered us their fan heater as by now we would be on the road looking for gas for our van by now. The really cold weather did not really worry us but I was a bit miffed that I had to on day three carry water to the van as I had not had the chance to fill the water tank.
Later in the day the sun came out and we moved Winnie (our camper) to the water tap only to find the the hose had frozen solid so we drove the van back again and with a sigh, I carried on filling water bottles for washing and a drink.

This last picture shows the setting on this beautiful site with a BBQ and tables and chairs at the far end, A book store with loads of books to read, sets of lounger chairs to sit on and maps to use to explore the country side. Later after lunch we went back to the airfield to explore more.

We intend to go back in about four weeks to see the blossom on the trees which Barry the owner said looked wonderful.

Well more tomorrow on our return to the airfield and something different.

Thanks for looking.

Best regards, Mike.


  1. yup it was cold on Sunday
    you still had a good weekend and I like the tree with the daffodil round it

    should warm up next week

  2. OOOo not so much a holiday ... more an ADVENTURE!
    Love the pictures tho and the link to Daisy ... thank you xxx


  3. Have you and Sue 'thawed out yet !
    Great that you both have a sense of adventure.....It will soon get warmer !!
    Chris and Dave R

    1. Got you notification e-mail Chris but not on the blog so I copied and pasted it. XX

  4. Thats strange Mike ?
    I wonder if you'll get this one ???
    Testing,testing !