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Saturday, 20 April 2013

The English Festival

Hi folks,  back again after a short delay to offer you some images of this local event in Gillingham Kent on a lovely sunny spring day be it a bit fresh. Trevor and I arrived as the event started and already it was very busy with people making the most of the sunshine.
One of the exhibitors caught my eye, that was Bee keeping and we chatted to a very knowledgeable lady for a while about the implications of keeping Bees.

Some of there products on display and for sale.

Next the fun side of the event, these characters were waiting for the mad hatters tea party to begin.

Keeping law and order by the market stalls.

One of the many food stalls on the site, this one tickled my fancy and it was an English Festival with a French van.

The event was very well arranged for the children with many rides including this one and all for free.

A few more to come but lots to do for the second half of the weekend, hope the sun keeps shining.

Thanks for looking.

Best regards, Mike.


  1. Great stuff Mike....and the sun was shining...Hooray !!!
    I do a bit of bee keeping with my neighbour, he has three hives and its one of the braver things that I have done....I love it! He has invited me to help him again soon, so I shall get some shots done....
    Have a smashing week end both
    Chris and Dave R

  2. They all came out well Mike.
    I have not had a chance to process mine yet but will in a few days.

    I hope that Sue had a good time with Eileen.

  3. Looks like you enjoyed your day out with Trev as we enjoyed our day with Sue and other members of your family!lovely to see them :) ... Great pictures Mike and how wonderful to see the sun
    E xxx

  4. great photos, I know someone who has two hives, I buy my beewax polish from him.
    Looks like you had a great day, and we had an unexpected visit from Daisy, who made a lovely card for mummy. we also saw Daisy and Holly.but not snowflake.
    mrs egg.