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Friday, 5 April 2013

Headcorn During the War Years

Hi folks,

after we warmed up a bit we continued back to the airfield again this time there was very little flying due to the high winds so we checked out the museum.
 Not supposed to take pictures but I asked and I was given the ok as it was for personal use.

Inside were loads of parts of broken planes, below an engine from a Hurricane

The area was quite big and here is me mucking about with the security mirror, can you see Sue, Gloria (with the red scarf) and Tony with the Cheese cutter. Not forgetting me with Tony's Bucket Hat.

Look, Marilyn, I kid you not before she was famous involved in the Radioplane  target drone story with Ronald Reagan, see below.

The rest are with explanations along side.

Bet this will never fly again, crankshaft and pistons from a Spitfire shot down over Wye nr. Canterbury on 27th September 1940, the pilot was wounded.

One seriously bent valve.

Outside one of the trainees was practicing falling from a special rig in the airfield.

Over you go!!

Well thanks for looking, thanks all from the airfield.

Best regards, Mike


  1. Such an interesting post Mike, glad you had a good week end !
    So where are you this week end ?
    Chris and Dave R

    1. Er, don't know yet but will pop off somewhere no doubt. XXX

  2. Great Blog Mike, I have not been there as it has always been closed when I have gone. I shall see if I can make it in the summer

    Well done

  3. Photgraphed a bit of history,and some interesting bits of planes and engines. Have a great weekend.