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Monday, 22 April 2013


Hi folks, Sunday we both went to The Romney and Dymchurch Railway for  day out shooting with the camera  and meeting up with other photogs for a trip around the railway and surrounding sights.
Car loaded, a friend Chris drove whilst we chatted on the way down to the seaside.
Arriving at the station we purchased our Rover tickets and waited for the train to take us on the New Romney and the on to Dungeness.

We duly arrived at new Romney and got off to check out the station and look around and of course take pictures.

This is the Southern Maid which we were all over like a rash taking various close ups long the way.

Reflection an a bright sunny day

Wonderful engineering detail.

Getting all steamed up ready for the off.

Time for a clean down, these engines are in presteen condition.

What a giant whistle.

Oil and water.

Lastly this came rattling through the station at high speed, well quite fast for a little train.

A few more tomorrow as we pack for a longer trip. all will be reveled later.

Best regards, Mike


  1. Ooo where are you off to??? Great post Mike.. I'v been down here and love the trains... great shots and some unusual ones, (oil and water) nice one Mike.

  2. Hi Mike, super Post Mike, love the old steam trains.....
    There's something about them !!
    Glorious weather here again today, Make the most of it !
    Taking our son back to the ship for his next contract with P&O on Saturday,
    He's doing five months MED cruise and we are off 'Fossil hunting' in Swanage...Will be away a for a few days !
    Chris and Dave R

  3. enjoyed the trip down memory lane, it's been sometime since I have been to Dymchurch. great blog.

  4. Great Mike, don't let Charles see this LOL

  5. Mike, forgot to mention.....where we're stopping in Swanage,
    There is a steam railway, 400 yrds away from the site we're on !
    Dave said he'll post some pics when we get back next week !
    Chris and Dave R

  6. Hi Chris, on a jaunt ourselves tomorrow so watch this space.
    Have a good time in Swanage. XX