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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Camera Class

Hi folks,
Saturday Sue bless her had enrolled me in a photographic class in Rochester which I thoroughly enjoyed and I thought I would just show a few images of how I got on. Back to front is the second part, that was to take images of American looking people in Rochester. Well as you can imagine lots of French, loads of English and a German lady and I think one American.

First the American

This lady is defiantly British

Possibly Asian ancestors

This one too

Nice Chap, they all helped to relieve my inhibitions re asking then if they minded me taking there picture and I was surprised at the friendly way they agreed to participate.

Lastly, this lady tickled me pink, she was German and was very proud of her American Ipad.

There, something different for you, Sunday is supposed to be nice here in the UK but I will not hold my breath. Thanks for looking.

Best regards, Mike


  1. Just Fabulous Mike !!!
    Stunning pictures with such 'character' captured by your lens from each subject! well done that man!
    Eileen xxx

    1. Thanks Eileen, it was an experience I tell you. XXX

  2. Sunday you should be at Mote Park with some Kites Mike!

  3. Wonderful Mike ! What a great way to meet people,
    and great shots....full of character !!
    Chris and Dave R

  4. Glad the weather stayed dry for you, some very happy and friendly people in Rochester. have a great day kite flying at Mote Park Mrs Egg.