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Friday, 12 April 2013

Lunch on the Edith May, Tea anyone?

Hi folks,

Today Sue, Margaret and myself had planned to go to St. Margaret's Church in Lower Halstow for lunch but due to illness the church was closed so no lunch!  It was a misty murky day to go for a walk so we ventured inside the Edith May, a restored Thames Barge and had lunch on board.  We were greeted by the Geoff and had lovely toasted sandwiches and pots of tea, afterwards I took a few of shots inside the Barge.

Sue spotted the lovely brown teapots of varying shades and sizes on the counter with the vase of tulips behind.

Shot of the galley which produces lovely homemade food.

This really homely fire kept us cosy whilst we eat.

Lastly a look inside the Masters cabin which is now a seating area for customers,

I would highly recommend a trip up the Medway on her in the summer as she is a delight to sail on with no noise only the occasional splash of a small wave rippling down the side of the vessel.

Thanks for looking.

Best regards, Mike


  1. Wow Mike.....I was there with you....
    I can taste those lovely toasties and that welcome aboard 'cuppa' Ahhhhhh
    You do spoil us with your atmospheric delights ! (think I swallowed the dictionary this morning !)
    Cheers shipmate
    Chris and Dave R

    1. Cheers Chris, lovely to have you on board. XXX

  2. Thanks for including me on the Edith May. even the dull wet weather didn't spoil the trip. shame the church was closed.

  3. It did turn out to be a nice day after all Mike.

    I think that was where we all sat when we all went over a year ago.

    Nice picture of the tea pots

  4. I would also recommend her as music venue over the winter she host some great concerts. She will be an intimate venue for my friend Luke Jackson at the Rochester Sweeps Festival on 5th May 7pm worth going to hear great voice and stage presence for someone so young.