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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Steam and Pebbles

Hi folks,

After a cup of tea we all climbed back on another train to continue our journey to the "end of the earth" as some people call it. I had a sneak preview of the cab before we moved off.

New Romney station is quite large with a turntable, maintenance sheds and roof to store carriages as you can see in the background.

Off we went into the countryside towards the power station and the pebble beach renowned for it's quirky buildings.

We arrived and ahead is the famous Dungeness B Nuclear Power station and the lighthouse. Note the railway track coming back on it's self so that the train did not have to turn around.

Well there she is a grey blob on the landscape, nothing much to look at really.

Before we popped off for lunch in the Britannia Pub a last look at the train that bought us here.

Tomorrows blog will be different, I hope, stand by.

Thanks for looking.

Best regards, Mike


  1. One of my most favourite places.... thanks for sharing this Mike ... super pictures as always!
    E xxx

  2. Oh not another power station for Eileen. Thanks for showing a sunny blog..

  3. Smashing Mike......Will miss my daily 'Cheer up'for
    a few days, but will catch up on return.......
    Hope you two have a good jaunt,
    Chris and Dave R

  4. Off to Henley.dont you know. Arrived safe and sound, tea on.

  5. Hate to correct you Mike but the two buildings nearest the Light house are Dungeness a now being decommissioned b is the odd looking one with curved walls. Just happens to be my area.